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Mandra Edera

Mandra Edera

S'Ardia de Santu Antinu - The Legend

The origin of Ardia lose itself in the beginning of time, and with it the truth of its beginning. Many legends overlap with memory, tales that passing from generation to generation, preserving faith, devotion and gratitude to the holy warrior.

S'Ardina de Santu Antinu - The tradition

Ardia is an unbridled horse race made in honor of St. Constantine, which takes place every year in Sedilo on the evening of July 6 and is repeated on the morning of the 7th.

Summer Solstice in Abbasanta

A unique opportunity to visit Sardinia. 

Open Cellars 2019

The event organized by the Wine Tourism Movement is back, scheduled this weekend in 13 island wineries.



One of the most famous, well-preserved and representative megalithic testimonies of the nuragic civilization is immersed in the green of central-western Sardinia.

La Sartiglia di Oristano| TIMELESS EMOTION

In the middle west of Sardinian island, 30 minutes from Mandra Edera, is placed a beautiful medieval city called Oristano, the main town of the plain called “Campidano”

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Santu Lussurgiu 's Carnival | “Sa Carrela ‘e Nanti” | Mandra Edera Surroundings


From Sunday 11th untill  Tuesday 13th February 2018 from 3.30 pm Santu Lussurgiu (OR)



This source works in reverse. The water does not flow from a subterranean vein but is derived from the air!

Festa di Sant'Antonio Abate in Sardegna



La festa di Sant'Antonio Abate arriva poco dopo le feste natalizie e anticipa il Carnevale e i riti pasquali e della Settimana Santa.